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Lightest Climbing Tree Stands

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When you are on your way out to the woods there is always a lot of gear to take along. And if you’ve got any distance to go to get to your spot, every pound you have to carry counts.

x-stand-climbing-tree-standThere are a lot of lightweight climbers on the market, but I found this site for X-Stand Treestands that has a very nice looking stand that weighs only 11 pounds. This is less than the lunch some of my buddies pack with them when they’re feeling a little famished. And reading the specifications on this stand, it’s rated for up to 300 pounds so I guess they won’t have to worry about their diets when they’re in the woods.

No matter what your kit is when your out, it is always good to keep the weight you have to carry down. And modern stands like this have really stepped up to the plate to offer excellent solutions. While this one will set you back a little more than one off the shelf at your favorite sporting goods store, it looks like it’s very well built and would last many seasons.

And the nice thing about a climber is that you take it back with you at the end of the day so you don’t have to leave it for some varmint who might want to appropriate it.

I just talked to my buddy who got back from a bear baiting trip. He wants to show me some trail cam pictures. Maybe I’ll get one and put it up tomorrow.

Until then, good luck and good hunting.

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September 7th, 2009 at 11:21 pm

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