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Best Rifle For Hunting Tree Stands

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Whitetail hunting from a hunting tree stand requires a good rifle. If you’re thinking about getting into deer hunting, or if your buddies are trying to talk you into trying it with them, picking the best deer hunting rifle may seem to be a bewildering task. Let’s take a look at some options you should consider when you are picking a deer rifle.

If cost were no object, your simplest solution would be to go out and buy the latest and greatest offering the highest price sporting goods store you can find offers. Realistically, however, making the best choice between getting the best rifle and how much to pay takes a little more thought.

Many long time deer hunters usually have very good words to say about the Winchester Model 70. These rifles have been made since 1936. Although the original Winchester Repeating Arms Company does not make the rifle today, they are still being produced. It is felt that the original quality and attention to detail that was put into the original Winchester models is still being carried forward today in the new rifles.

Another never ending debate is which caliber is best for a deer rifle. You won’t have any trouble finding old timers who will tell you the only thing to use is a 30-06. But the .270 caliber rifles probably are currently more common as a choice. Recent changes in guns and ammo makes the .270 enough of a rifle for most situations.

The weight of the bullet you use also has a bearing on which caliber of rifle you use. If you will be shooting 150-160 grain bullets, the .270 is a good choice. If you feel you have to go to a heavier round, lean toward a 30-06 for bullet weights over 160 grains.

If you want to pay a little less than you might have to pay for a Winchester Model 70, consider some of the offerings from other companies. Remington offers wide range of rifles. One to consider would be the Model 7600. Marlin Firearms also makes a nice rifle in the Model XL70. Both of these are available in either .270 or 30-06 calibers.

Another option would be to go with something outside the traditional calibers. You can check out the Weatherby Vanguard which shoots a .257 caliber round. Weatherby is another company with a well known name in the firearms industry.

It seems that if you talk to ten hunters you will find that they will recommend ten different guns as the best to use. There is no one perfect rifle. And you need to consider where you will be using your gun. Most whitetail hunting is done from tree stands or tripod hunting stands so the size and type of rifle needs to be taken into consideration. All have their different advantages. The guns above will give you a good starting point, and then ask others you know who are hunters for their recommendations.

Use some of these suggestions to make your choice. Find the best rifle for hunting. Then go get your first trophy deer.

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September 25th, 2009 at 12:17 pm

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Use Hunting Tree Stands or Blinds for Wildlife Photograpy

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If you like taking pictures with your camera and trying for nature or wildlife pictures you know how trying it can be to get those ‘great’ wildlife photos. A person can spend a lot of time in the woods but never get close enough or be fast and prepared enough to get those unique shots of a buck deer or other wild animal in the wild.

You’ve seen the exceptional pro photos of wildlife and wondered to yourself, “I wish I was lucky enough to get a photo like that”. Well, here’s the secret: The pros aren’t lucky and it takes a little work and time.

Most, if not all, great natural wildlife photos are taken from blinds or ‘hides’. If you are an experienced outdoorsman or hunter, you will understand how this works. And hunters even have an advantage over us wildlife photographers. A gun shoots a lot farther than a camera. No matter how much expensive gear you have, or how long your lens is, you still have to get close. Usually, real close.

Knowing this little secret is a real help for anyone who is looking to get some great wildlife pictures. If you set up a blind and spend a little time there, you will see wildlife. And you learn where you need to be and how close you have to be to get a good shot. Then it’s just a matter of being a little crafty and skillful to determine how to best set up your blind to be located in the right place at the right time.

And if you want a place to learn how to take wildlife photographs, don’t spend a lot of time reading photography books. Instead, read anything you can lay your hands on about hunting and wild animal behaviour. You have to change your thinking to that of a hunter that carries a camera rather than a gun.

One fairly easy and inexpensive way to get started taking photos from blinds is to use a portable ground blind. They are small one man units and are very lightweight. Made like a small hut, they are usually fully-enclosed with two or more windows. They can be put up where you choose on the ground and come with stakes and tie-downs for a quick set up.

It is like having a small little very light weight house around with you. It’s nice to know that these blinds usually weigh less than 7 to 10 pounds and come with their own backpack making them a light load to carry. And the cost is affordable, usually in the range of $50 to $100.

And if you don’t want to part with your money, you can use some camouflage burlap cloth or netting and some ropes and stakes to create a home made blind anywhere. While they may not be as handy, the net effect is the same.

Another method is to use any natural material you can find nearby to add to your blind to help disguise it and have it blend in with the area. Use dead branches, leaves and other material you find to really disguise your blind.

Many of the portable stands that hunters use are excellent options for being able to locate yourself up in the air above ground level and will allow you to get some very nice photos. Climbing tree stands are extremely light weight portable units that you can carry with you and allow you to climb a tree using the stand and then have a place to sit while you wait.

Ladder treestands and tripod tree stands are two other variations of hunting stands that are also good options. These are also portable and are somewhat heavier and take a little more time to set up than a climber, but they offer better stability and a more solid platform to shoot from.

Consider giving this a go. Even if you don’t get that ‘wall hanger’ shot on your first try, I guarantee you’ll be amazed at what you will see if you spend a quiet hour or two hidden out in the wild with your camera.

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September 20th, 2009 at 5:51 pm

Backpack Ladder Tree Stands

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I think the older we get, the more stable we like our deer hunting tree stands to be. And while I don’t want you to think I should be in that ‘old geezer’ category, sometimes it does occur to me that finding the combination of safety and portability and comfort means looking at all the options that are out there.

You see a lot of talk on the forums asking about ladder tree stands that you can backpack to your spot. The problem lies in the trade off between the weight being light enough to pack in, and the strength and stability of the stand. If you’re not a big guy, and you want the best of both worlds, then I would definitely suggest checking out a backpack ladder stand.

River’s Edge makes a 10 foot backpack ladder stand that looks like it would fit the bill for both something that is usable and yet light enough so that you’ll have the energy to climb into it after you’ve packed it to your spot. The stand complete only weighs 28 pounds. This has got to rank in the lowest weight for a ladder stand that you can find. It’s as close as you can come to the comfort of a permanent stand and still be using a ‘portable’. The design of this stand is simple and makes it easy to set up. It uses a ratchet and strap mounting system and is made from welded tubular steel to get a combination of light weight but still have good strength. The platform is 17 1/2″ x 10″ and it has a sling seat. The weight capacity is 300 pounds. (A full body harness system is also included.)

If you read the whitetail deer hunting forums it seems that most agree that River’s Edge is a good brand name. The guys that own their stands speak highly of them.

Even though I look at a lot of different types of stands, I can see where these backpack ladder units are something to consider if you have someone who’s a little squeamish about ‘riskier’ ways of getting up and getting into a stand. It sure looks like you would have a nice solid seat to work from.

If you click on the picture it’ll take you to Amazon where you can check the latest price.

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September 11th, 2009 at 9:48 pm

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