Tree Stands For Hunting
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deer hunter in tree stand with bow and arrow whitetail buck looking straight on whitetail buck with nice rack

Tripod Treestands

You don't need a tree when you use a tripod deer stand.

The Guide Gear® 13' Tripod Stand shown here is an example of what a tripod tree stand looks like when set up and ready to go.

Tripod stands are portable, but they are not light. The weight of this 13 foot tripod is 170 pounds.

Their advantage is that they can be set up literally anywhere. This stand has heavy-duty, fully welded steel construction and a non-glare matte powder-coat finish. The legs have 5-position adjustment, allowing you to get the perfect level, even on uneven terrain. The platform is 3 1/2' square feet in size and has a 300 pound weight capacity.

Tripod hunting stand kits include all the materials and supplies you'll need for a (fairly) quick field setup. The taller and larger stands do require some work, but the added stability and height can mean the difference between an enjoyable or disapointing hunt.

Tripod tree stands are designed to be used to get you high above the ground in areas where there are no trees or other natural cover to use. This stand has a 360 Degree swivel seat with 2" thick pads on the seat and backrest.

If you need a stand that will be set up in an open area, and you want to be as high as you can above the ground, tripod hunting stands are probably your one and only choice. Look over the different ones. They are a slick and easy option when you need a stand for this situation!

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