Ladder Treestands

ladder treestand

Ladder deer stands are more bulky and not as portable as climbing tree stands, andit’s usually at two man job to set them up, but they offer advantages that you won’tfind in other portable stands.

Ladder stands are made as a combination of a seat and platform along with the ladderto climb up in to the stand. The stand connects to the tree with the ladder comingdown the front of the platform to allow you to climb up to the stand.

While not as easy to move around as smaller stands, ladder stands give excellentstability and a solid hunting platform. Some suppliers even offer exceptionallywell decked out stands for two people with lots of extras. These are larger standswith side rails, padding and other accessories to make the stand easy to use andsafe to hunt from.

Some of the smaller ladders tree stands weigh in at 50 pounds or so and could beconsidered to be a ‘portable’ stand. But most weigh 75 pounds or more and are atwo man job to get into the woods and get set up. You can find both one or two personladder stands. And the stands are rated for the amount of weight they will support.

Some of the deluxe stands offer amenities like extra wide seats, padded arm restsand padded shooting rails. Many of the less expensive stands do not come with apadded seat so make sure you bring your own if it’s going to be a long day in thewoods.

Once the stand is set up, many deer hunters leave them in the woods for the season.As hunters we don’t like to think of this, but remember to be aware of the riskof theft. There a lots of stories about disappearing stands.

No matter what type of stand you are using, always remember to check your standover before using it to make sure it is in good condition. Safety first is the rulein the woods and while we all know it, we have to try to remember it constantly.Check all the parts of the stand and the supports attached to the tree frequently.

Ladder tree stands are an excellent portable stand alternative for those huntingon public land or in places where you can’t put up a fixed stand to leave year round.And while most of the photos you see on the internet show the stands bare out inthe open attached to a pole, you can use your creativity with some camo burlap andnatural branches, leaves and other cover you find nearby to help camouflage yourstand.

Update 9/11/09: Here’s some additional info on backpack ladder tree stands.

Check out the different stands available. And if you decide to get one, here’s toyour next good (and a little more comfortable) hunt!

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