Hang On Treestands

clamp on treestand

Called by various names, hang on tree stands or clamp on tree stands are fixed positionstands that you clamp to a tree and are set in place. Various systems are used toattach the stand to the tree. Typically stands use a webbing belt and ratchet orchain and hook setup.

After the stand is set up, you use climbing steps, a climbing stick, or screw intree steps to get to the stand.

Modern hang on treestands can be found in lighter weight versions for the smallerhunter and extremely strong stands with load capacities of up to 400 pounds forthe bigger guy. Many hunters prefer stands made from aluminum. You’ll find aluminumstands are usually higher priced than metal stands but the advantages you gain fromthe light weight and never having to worry about rusting make them an option toconsider.

If you think you might want to use a hang on stand in various locations in yourhunting area, look for a hang on stand that has a bracket that attaches to the tree.After you have the bracket attached, you then clamp the stand portion on. Then,if you want to move the stand, all you need to buy are the extra brackets. Manyhunters also use this type so they can take the seat portion home at the end ofthe day or hide it somewhere away from their tree and not worry about their standdisappearing on them.

Hang on stands also have the advantage of being a little ‘quieter’ than a climbingstands. Since there are somewhat less moving parts, and you have the opportunityto firmly fix the hanging bracket and stand in place when you first set it up, thereis less chance of the stand squeaking or making noise when you move or shift yourweight. A tip is to carry a small tin of beeswax to use to lubricate any part ofyour stand or gear that might be making unwanted noise.

Another advantage of a hang on stand over a climber is that it does allow placementin trees where the limbs start close to the ground and a climber is not practical.Set your stand at the height that gives you the best concealment and view of yourshooting lanes. A little judicious pruning on the day you set up your stand to betterclear your shooting lanes is also helpful.

Remember to follow all the safety instructions in the manual that comes with yourstand. And always use your safety harness. When you are out putting up your standfor the first time, bring a buddy or two along with you. It can’t hurt to be a littlecareful.

Take some time to look over all the various hang on stands that are offered by variousmanufacturers and then pick the one that best meets your needs and will work forthe area you hunt. Sitting on a nice, safe, quiet and comfortable stand eliminatesall the ‘worry’ thoughts you have so you’ll only need to concentrate on that bigbuck coming toward you.

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