Climbing Tree Stands

climbing treestand

Just about everything you need to know about climbing tree stands can be summed up in one word: mobility.

If you are serious about being in the best position possible there are many advantages with a climbing stand. They are very light weight and portable. You can adjust your position from day to day, or morning to evening easily. They are an excellent choice for both gun and bow hunters.

Climbers take a little more labor to get into place. And some hunters talk about how noisy they can be. But after you’ve used yours a few times it is relatively easy to learn the tricks to getting it set up quickly and quietly.

Although you often see photos advertising climbers on tall straight poles or trees,you can use a climber on many more types of tree than you would think. You may need to bring some extra rope or gear, but the climber can get you up to the lower branches,and then you can reposition it above at a higher level that gives you the best height and line of site. Being up higher with some branch cover is an advantage. Many hunters feel that the higher you are the better.

If you hunt on public land, where you can’t use a fixed stand, climbers are an excellent solution. You can get set up quickly and out of the line of sight in better spots than if you need to find cover on the ground. And you don’t have to worry about your stand ‘disappearing’ or being ‘borrowed’ by someone else because you don’t have to leave it in the woods overnight.

Another advantage is that you can change your position if conditions change. If the wind changes or some other unforeseen event makes the spot you intended to use a bad choice, you can just change.

Climbing tree stands are quite safe and stable to use if you follow the instructions in your manual closely. And since you are carrying your equipment into the woods with you, you don’t have to worry about ice or snow covering your stand or making your ladder or steps icy.

When using the climber, make sure you keep a line attached between the upper and lower sections. You don’t want to be caught up in a tree with only half of you stand with no way to get down.

Always follow all the safety instructions to the letter and be sure to use your safety harness and other safety gear.

If you want to be able to get above the ground and hunt in the very best spots,get a climber and try it out. Hunting from a tree stand is a game of patience. However it is nice to know that if you are not seeing anything or the first spot you picked might not be the best, you can quickly and easily move and give yourself a better chance for the rest of the day.

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