Bowhunting Whitetail Deer

The bow hunting equipment available to you for bowhunting deer today has come a long way since the beginning of the history of archery. If you’re into whitetail deer hunting with a gun, here are some bow hunting deer ideas.

The use of wooden bows and arrows goes back over 15,000 years of recorded history. Our ancestors discovered how to make these weapons, and over thousands of years improved and perfected them for use in both hunting and warfare. It has only been in the last century, however, that improvements orders of magnitude greater than gains over the previous centuries have been made.

A hundred years ago, the state of the art was still limited to wooden longbows or wooden and bone recurve bows. Today we have the modern compound bows. Originally invented in the 1960’s, compound bows have totally changed the amount of options available for various hunting uses and have highly increased the accuracy and ease of use for the hunter.

And the same advances found in bows has also happened with modern arrows. Rather than the old wooden arrows with feather fletching used for the previous thousands of years, modern arrows are made from materials such as fiberglass, aluminum and carbon/fiber or carbon/aluminum combinations.

And the arrow heads or tips have evolved as well. They are now made in many different types, each targeted for the specialized use the archer intends to put them to. Heads are specially made for target shooting, small game hunting and for for big game or larger game. Broadhead styles themselves now are available in an uncountable number of types, each with its own advantages or disadvantages for the intended use.

When you are looking for a new bow, especially for hunting bigger game, the first consideration is the draw weight of the bow. This is the amount of power you have to provide to draw back and hold before shooting. While most modern compound bows can be set to really reduce the amount it takes to hold the drawn bow, the overall draw weight is still your primary consideration. The larger and more powerful bows may not be needed for bowhunting deer.

Also consider the weight and style of the bow. The heavier it is, the harder to carry during a long day in the woods. And shorter more compact bows are easier to maneuver. If you will be using a compound bow, the draw length of the bow needs to fit to your physical size.

If you want to get started finding your first bow, checking out the internet and sporting goods catalogs will give you a good head start in your reseach. There are also pro shops for bow hunting and some of the larger sporting goods stores offer help in picking and sizing the right bow for you. Many of the pro shops also have indoor archery ranges where you can try out your bow before you buy.

If you are interested in bowhunting deer and deer hunting, using a bow and arrow rather than a gun is more demanding on your skills as a hunter. Bow hunting deer is can be extremely challenging, but learning and mastering it is a great learning experience and very rewarding. Getting started is the first step to many future days of enjoying your sport.

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