Bowhunting Beginners Tips

Bowhunting beginners have a number of things that they need to be aware of and learn as they start their journey into the world of bow hunting deer. Start off with researching and getting information about various types of bows. There are many different types and models available and some are more popular than others.

Some of the major names include Martin, High Country, PSE and Diamond among many others. In most cases popularity of the brand is a good leading indicator and gives you a place to start. You can find excellent bows from all of the major manufacturers. But take some time and try a number of different bows so you can get an idea of how they feel and what the differences between them are.

After going through this process, you’ll start to really understand which type of bow works best for you. It is important to bowhunting beginners that they are happy with the fit and feel of the bow they decide to choose. There are many optional accessories and items you can outfit your bow with. Talk to other bow hunters and sift through their advice to determine what might work best for you when bow hunting in your area.

When you’ve got your bow set up and working, it’s time to start a good practice regimen. Practicing using the bow, learning how to place your arrows and how to silently and slowly draw the bow is very important. Remember that you might be sitting in a tree stand or crouched behind a log or a dead fall when you will be doing actual hunting. Practicing from these positions is very important. Accuracy is necessary, but the additional ability to use the bow silently and efficiently in hunting situations and being accurate at the same time is the ultimate goal. Practice in all the various positions that you might expect to find yourself when you are out in the field.

Your chance of a successful shot is greatly improved if you have spent the time practicing in advance. It doesn’t matter if you are bowhunting deer, bear, turkey or any other game. You’ll find that practice and preparation are 90% of completing a successful hunt. When you’re shooting accurately and to your satisfaction and you have your bow set up properly, you are ready for your first hunting trip. When you set up in the woods, make sure you check that your sight lines are clear of obstructions. Make sure your stand or blind is well set up and that it won’t creak or make noise when you move in it. Check that you have enough clearance to be able to pull your bow without hitting branches that would give away your position.

The time to worry about things like this is when you set up, not when it’s time to take that first shot. Setting out markers in front of your stand is very helpful when bow hunting. This helps you accurately determine your shooting distance quickly. Set off your distances in a radius from your stand, and use natural items such as dead branches, rocks or other items to mark the distance. A rangefinder can also be an excellent tool to help you mark out these distances.

Spend time talking to other seasoned hunters and fellow bowhunting beginners. Some good equipment, time spent in practice and the good advice of others is all you need to complete your first successful hunt.

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