Bow Hunting Equipment

When you are first introduced to the sport of bow hunting deer it seems like you are overwhelmed by the choices and varieties of bow hunting equipment that is available. In order to make the best choices and get up to speed as fast as possible, it is a good idea to know what items you really need, and which ones you can add as you go along.

This prioritized list will help you research the items you need and keep you on track to get ready for your first day in the woods. Use this as a checklist to help yourself stay on track when you see all the other fancy gizmos and gadgets that are available in the sporting goods stores.

1. Get Your Bow. Today’s compound bows are powerful, light and efficient. They are much easier to use and much more accurate than the bows of even a few decades ago. You will have to decide on how powerful a bow you need as opposed to the draw weight or amount of force that it takes to pull back for your shot. For whitetail deer hunting you don’t need a bow that can take on a grizzly bear.

2. Arrows. It seems that each bow hunter has his own favorite brand and type of arrow. As you practice with your bow, you will find that you will get a ‘feel’ for the type of arrow you like. The different types of broadheads that are offered to tip your arrows come in the hundreds of varieties. Start out with a standard inexpensive brand and then use your experience to go from there.

Having your bow and arrows will get you hunting. But there are a few more optional items to consider.

3. Bow Stabilizer. Stabilizers reduce the bow torque when you shoot and dampens the hand shock. They improve the balance of your bow and reduce the vibration giving you more confidence when making your shot. Look for stabilizers that help reduce the noise from your bow and are compact and light in weight.

4. Mechanical Arrow Release. These work like a trigger when you draw your bow allowing you to release the arrow quickly and smoothly with the same action each time. If you’ve never used an arrow release before you will be surprised at the consistency it brings to your shots and how much it can increase your accuracy.

5. Sighting System. These are sights or ‘pins’ that you add to your bow. The allow you to aim your bow as you would aim a gun using a rear sight that is attached to the bow string and the pins that are attached to the handle of the bow. Many of these systems offer a number of options such as multiple pins for different distance settings and lighted pins to allow you to see them easier when you make your shot.

6. Arrow Rests. Add on arrow rests give you an exact positioning system on your bow to hold your arrow before you make your shot. They can help increase the accuracy of a basic bow. Many are marketed as ‘silent’ types to reduce the noise when you make your shot.

While this list is definitely not comprehensive, it does give you the essential items that you should concentrate on when getting yourself outfitted.

When you put together the bow hunting equipment that is first of all necessary and secondly works best for you, you will have a much more confident and enjoyable hunt.

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