Tree Stands For Hunting

climbing treestandWelcome to the portable deer stand center. This is your source for information on hunting tree stands. Feel free to look around and we hope we can help you find the portable stand that you’ll be sitting on when you drop that trophy buck.

Everyone knows that hunting from a nice fixed stand is easier than carrying and setting up a portable. But when the boys stop by to visit do you want to tell them about how good that mocha latte tasted in your ‘all the comforts of home’ fixed stand or show them the trophy buck hanging on your wall that you got with your portable?

Climbing Tree Stands

Hunt anywhere, anytime. A climbing tree stand is the ultimate choice for hunting mobility. Since you don’t have to permanently attach the stand to the tree, you are free to move anytime to a different location. If the wind changes or other factors make your location unfavorable you can quickly change to new spot. Climbing tree stands typically weigh from 25 to 30 pounds and quickly fold up into a backpack so you can move on a moments notice.

clamp on treestand

Hanging Tree Stands

While not as portable as the climbing stands, a hanging stand can be another excellent choice. Modern hangers can be literally set up in minutes and while you need to decide on what type of system you want to use to get in and out of the stand you’ll find the added stability a big plus. It’s important to get a stand that’s well built and solid. There is no worse feeling than leaning out to take that shot and feel your stand give or move (or worse squeak or make a noise). Consider going with the best quality stand you can afford.

If you have permanent hunting land available but know that one big fixed stand is just not going to cut it, clamp on treestands are an excellent option. The low cost will let you set any number up at your best producing spots with very little effort. And while the other guys are sitting in their big ‘Taj Mahal’ stand, you’ll be on the ground tagging that buck.

ladder treestand

Ladder Tree Stands

Ladder stands are bigger and a little more effort to set up and move around. But they provide a more stability and comfort. This is a close as you can come to the advantages of a fixed stand while still using a portable. You’ll find ladder stands a little harder to conceal, so think ahead and bring some of your extra camouflage gear. The weight of ladder stands varies due to all the options available, but if this is the way you choose to go you won’t have any problem finding the perfect solution.

Safety: You all know this, but remember safety first when hunting from any stand, especially a portable. I’ve never known a guy that’s shot a buck from a hospital bed. (If you do know of someone who’s done this let me know. What a great story.) Stay safe. Use your harness and never carry equipment while climbing.

Good Luck! Best of luck to all of you. Remember, no one ever shot a trophy buck by talking about it. Work your plan and you’ll do well.

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